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We believe philanthropy is at the heart of community.

When we started dreaming about Yardbird, we knew we wanted to create great products but we also wanted to be a part of doing good things in our local community. One of the ways we do that is through our fundraising efforts.

Have a cause that matters to you?

We love to partner with schools, organizations, camps, groups, and non-profits to help raise funds. And we try to make it as easy as possible. Like a bake sale but better.  Check out our Fundraiser FAQs for more information.

Are you here to support an active Fundraiser?  

Check out and shop all active Fundraisers found here

Fundraise with Yardbird. Here’s how it works:

Seeking a donation? 

While we can not accommodate every request that comes our way, we do have a limited inventory of product ear-marked for donations.  Please submit your application for review.